About Us

Dale Laboratories has been serving professional and advanced amateur photographers around the world for over thirty-five years. Our iPrints Professional online service carries on our tradition via an easy-to-use Internet link.

There is a tendency to think that technology changes everything. In our case, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Digital technology has expanded the capabilities of our laboratories’ picture-making processes in new and exciting ways:

  • The Internet provides a faster, more convenient way for our customers to send their images to us.
  • The latest computer and laser technologies allow us to produce quality on enlargements that would have been difficult, if not impossible, to attain when we began in business.
  • These are revolutionary changes.

    But, this new technology hasn’t replaced our skills as technicians; it has just given us better tools with which to practice our craft.

    We still believe that dedicated technicians can use their skills and the power of the human eye to consistently produce the best prints and enlargements in America. So, while the trend in the industry has been either automated correction or putting the burden of correcting color onto customers, we still correct every color image as we always have…one picture at a time.

    As a two-generation family-run business we truly care about our customers and their success. Our goal is to make every print as if it was our own. We’re proud to have a team of skilled technicians who share that vision.

    Aiming For The Perfect Print

    The tools we bring to our laboratory business come from the research and development of the best manufacturers in the industry.

    Our printing machines are the newest, most advanced computer-driven systems from Noritsu and Durst. They print photographic images on Kodak silver halide paper using precision lasers.

    Color control comes from powerful software. We use Noritsu’s digital imaging software and Kodak’s DP2 Professional Laboratory software. Both produce photographic output with a far better match to Kodak paper than most photographers could attain with Photoshop or other programs.

    ROES (Remote Order Entry Software) provides an easy user interface that allows advanced amateur & professional photographers to access our Kodak DP2 system to input their own preferred crops and effects. ROES can be learned very quickly by photographers and gives a true visual image of the prints that will be produced. Beginners & consumers can order prints using our simplified iPrints online program.

    The final ingredient is our staff of dedicated technicians. Most laboratories that still do lab corrections simply have their technicians provide a monitor correction. We take the process one step further. First, we do the monitor correction. Then, we make test prints that allow us to fine-tune our corrections even further. Finally, we make your finished prints. Every technician has the authority (and the responsibility) to examine his or her own work and make any number of remakes necessary to produce a print that they would want if they were the end customer.

    Supervisors and senior management constantly “walk the floor” and inspect our prints. Finishing personnel who mount or ship prints have the authority to send any enlargement back to technicians that they don’t feel is as good as it can be.

    We Haven’t Forgotten Film Photographers

    Are you shooting the occasional roll of Ektachrome or color print film? We still provide full pro service on 35mm and 120 films. Link to www.dalelabs.com for details.

    Our Laboratory's Store – A Great Asset For South Florida Photographers

    As you probably can tell, we believe in fully serving the photographic community. We have a fully certified Kodak Express store in the front of our lab's building. It provides personal services for local amateur & professional photographers, artists and consumers. Plus...a full line of picture frames & albums.

    Our friendly Customer Service team will gladly help you with any project you undertake. We have Kodak Picture Kiosks that let you order prints & enlargements from the store for delivery while you wait. You can also access our online programs for a wide range of lab products.

    You'll be able to order anything from wallet-sized prints to 30" x 40" super-sized enlargements, photo books, prints on Metal, art reproductions and more with personal assistance from our staff.

    Our sister company is Leica Store Miami (www.leicastoremiami.com) They are one of the top Leica dealerships in the United States. You can speak directly to one of their experts in our store or visit their main store in Coral Gables.

    You’re welcome to visit our store when you are in Florida.

    Questions? Please telephone us at (800) 327-1776. We're here to help!