Photo Album Pages  Custom Templates
Photo Album Pages  Custom Templates Photo Album Pages  Custom Templates Photo Album Pages  Custom Templates Photo Album Pages  Custom Templates Photo Album Pages  Custom Templates Photo Album Pages  Custom Templates
Photo Album Pages  Custom Templates Photo Album Pages  Custom Templates Photo Album Pages  Custom Templates

Album Pages


Take Advantage of Our Custom Templates - We offer hundreds of album page designs for you to use.

Each has drag-and-drop simplicity. All you have to do is drag your thumbnail images into the template’s nodes. Then, crop and place your images within the nodes for a true designer look without the hours of work you would have if you tried to design each page yourself.

All of our designs are Pager editable. So you can start with our initial design and add your own special touches. Include strokes (borders) in a wide range of colors…or sample colors from within your photographs. Drop in your own artistic backgrounds and masks. Change opacity in real time. You can even turn a color photograph into black and white with the click of your mouse.

Design Your Own Pages – We provide fourteen non-standard single and panoramic page sizes in addition to our traditionally sized album pages. Use our ROES software to quickly create your own original designs. Then, save your designs for future use.

We also offer unique, over-sized albums that can differentiate your studio and provide increased profits.

What does this mean to you? Better albums. Less work. Happier clients…and a more successful studio!

Template designs can be as alike or different as you choose.

The same three-node template was used on the print at the top as on this one. Yet, each is distinctively different.

Imagine the variations with your choice of hundreds of templates, each with from one to seven nodes to fill with your photographs!

Companion Pages are proportionally reduced…and lower priced…prints with the same design and color as your full-sized pages. Choose “Options” after you’ve designed your full-sized page. Then, just check your companion size(s).

Here’s an example of how you might use companion pages. Let’s assume your primary album was 10” x 10.” By simply clicking in the options boxes you could order a companion 8” x 8” page for only $1.50 and/or a 5” x 5” companion page for just 75¢.

With their low prices and simple ordering you can sell companion albums to your clients both inexpensively and profitably.

Why order album pages rather than fully bound albums?
The main reason is the control you get over your finished product. You can check out each page before all the pages are bound. Many studios like to show the pages to their clients before sending them to the binder. A final OK from the client can save a lot of customer service problems later.

Our print insurance policy: If your album binder damages some of your prints just let us know and we'll replace the damaged print(s) at no charge. (You pay only postage.)

Composite pages are all about telling the event’s story.

No two albums are ever the same…just as each wedding has its own story.

The one message you will be sending is that the albums you deliver to your clients were created by a pro!
Please select Album Pages from our ROES laboratory or studio corrected catalogs to order prints like these!

Album Print Requirements: We provide specially reduced pricing for album enlargements and their companion prints to provide you with albums you can sell at a good profit. To obtain these special, volume prices your order must meet the following criteria:

1) Photographs must be of a single event, such as a wedding, that will be bound into a photo album or book.

2) The minimum order size for album print pricing is 15 full-sized, single album pages or 8 panoramic pages. Fewer
prints must be ordered from our Standard or Design Your Own catalogs.

3) All orders for album prints must be submitted in ROES format, either online or on a CD-R.

4) All photographs must be JPG images in sRGB color space. Please do not shoot in Adobe RGB or Profoto or use either at any stage of production as this will cause color errors. For the best prints, please leave all color corrections to our technicians by submitting your orders for Laboratory Corrected color. We also offer Studio Corrected color, where you do the color corrections, if you want economy prints.